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Record Label Website Design

Record Label Website Design

For all Record Labels, Bands and Artists a website is a must-have tool to be able to promote your brand, your music and talent. Your website can be used as a resource for referring potential promoters, record labels and fans.

For many years we have been developing record label websites and have a unique understanding of this sector and its requirements.

You may have come across website building software that comes included with your website domain name and hosting. Whilst this software may be very convenient, it usually has limited flexibility, which can restrict your ability to promote yourself.

We are here to help you either redesign your website or start a record label website project from scratch. All of our websites are put together using a custom content management system. This will allow you to add or update your own information simply by going online and typing in a version of the page, then pressing update. If you are not happy with the results you can change it over and over free of charge.

After spending much time listening to our previous clients we have put together some of the main features that you would commonly see on one of our music websites.

Key Features

Many other features can be added but the above are some of the key pages we feel are most important to you.

If you are interested in having your own Record Label website, please contact us directly for a free quotation.