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How much do you charge to change my website once it’s finished?

We would like to do everything for free but we simply can’t. If you would like anything changing on your site after it has been completed we charge £50 per hour, the total cost for any changes will be confirmed prior to the work being undertaken.

Who are your typical customers?

We have created websites for a wide range of customers, from large companies, charities, religious organisations, hobbyists and small businesses. No project is too large or too small.

Many of our customers come to us as they feel that other web design companies don’t consider their project big enough to work on. We welcome any project of any size.

What are your support details?

We can be contacted via email or telephone:

Email: info@sowebdesigns.co.uk

Telephone: 01276 501465 or 07799 886622

What are the email settings for websites hosted by you?

The following document gives a guide on creating an email account in Microsoft Outlook.

Email accounts are created in your Website control panel which can be access at www.yoururl.co.uk:2095

What conditions do you have?

We ask all our clients to host their sites on our servers for the first year, just to make sure all is OK and all sites must have the SO Web Designs link at the bottom of each page. This link is our advertising and helps us keep our prices down.

The link can be removed for £150 to compensate the loss of advertising exposure. Read more about our terms and conditions

Can you develop my website?

Certainly. The Content Management System is designed to have elements bolted on to it and removed as they become obsolete. We do charge for changes once a website has been completed but we keep these costs as low as possible.

Who are you?

We are an unusual web design company in that we started off running a number of our own commercial website and then brought together a powerful team to help us personally. That is why we know that what you require, because we see the word through a customers eyes not a techies eyes! That is why we not only optimise our websites so that the search engines can find them. We also suggest simple marketing ideas to ensure that your websites earn their keep!

We always aim to be fair with our clients, sounds daft but it has ensured we haven’t lost a client yet.

What is your hosting like?

We offer emails, bandwidth, database size, disk size etc. It has 99.99% uptime and we use it for all our clients. If we didn’t know it was reliable we wouldn’t use it.

Why do you insist on hosting the websites?

When we build a website we need to make sure the server has the latest version of PHP, mysql and a host of other requirements.

If we use someone else’s server it takes us longer to administer and the costs would have to go up. After the first year our client can either go with another hosting company, and we will help with the move, or they can continue with us starting at prices as low as £50 per year.

How long does it take to create a website?

We usually work on two weeks. However if you have a rush job, we can bring in extra staff to accommodate.

That’s about three days for us to create the website and 9 days for our clients to decide on images, colour schemes, functionality, text etc!

How many websites have your team created?

Hundreds, but we can’t show them all as we sub-contract to a number of web designers who simply mark up our prices and act as if they have developed the sites !!

What are your payment terms?

We split the cost into two installments, 50% to start the project and the second 50% after the project has been completed.

Why are you so cheap?

We could see that the economy was due to slow down, so we deliberately positioned ourselves with low overheads. We also have invested heavily is technology that helps us develop good looking sites very fast.

Similarly we use very advanced software that checks our work and tells us what adjustments we need to make to ensure that the website ranks highly in the search engines.

This philosophy pays dividends because we have never had to advertise for new clients – they find us !!

A full breakdown of our terms and conditions can be found here

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  • Excellent job, efficient and competitive price
  • Tom was great... I would highly recommend his web design service to anyone. He put up with my questions and made changes as we went along. Thank you Tom!
  • Tom at SO Web Designs went above and beyond everything we wanted for our new website. He produced an excellent website very quickly. His attention to detail and customer service is second to none. Overall I would recommend SO Web Designs to everyone.
  • An absolutely amazing service, which continues to exceed my expectations.So Web Designs are professional and keep our business needs at the front of their mind. Highly recommend.
  • Tom Upton at SO Web Designs has done an amazing job of building my firm a new website in only 2 weeks Tom is full of advise and always available to help...in 11 years of business my company has had 3 website and SO Web Designs has made the launch of my latest 4th website the easiest ever. Really imp... Read More