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WordPress Website Management

Do you find that you just do not have enough time to update your website? Maybe you have a promotion that needs to be added or some small text and images changes that need to be done that you have been waiting to do for ages?

SO Web Designs can offer a website management package which includes all of the small things that you just don’t have time for.

Website management can include many things, some of which are included below. These days websites are becoming more complex and require monitoring for security and speed!

What does website management include?

Our standard website management package includes:

A website should be viewed as an ongoing project that should grow over time. Web maintenance is important because it allows you to keep the website content current and up to date.

Our website management packages can be tailored to your requirements. For example, if you require ongoing amendments on a regular basis, the cost of this can be budgeted at the beginning of your agreement with us.

To inquire about our website management packages, or just have a few questions, please get in contact via our contact form or just give us a call.

WordPress was originally known as being a blogging platform, over the years the software has been developed and now boasts many new features that include a full-blown eCommerce platform, to using it as a beautiful portfolio website to show off your companies services. If your website isn’t built on the WordPress website platform, please give us a call anyway, as we may be able to help with whatever solution you are currently running. We have years for experience dealing with different types of websites, the only reason we prefer WordPress is due to the results you as a customer can get from it!