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General Website Design

General Website Design

Website design and search engine optimisation are services that we are able to deliver efficiently for our customers. Low-cost websites at affordable pricing, with rapid completion time, is essential for today’s growing businesses. That is why we only provide straight forward, no-nonsense web site design.

Over the last 15 years, we have developed hundreds of websites, some of these websites have been small but we have also covered some large scale e-commerce projects.

What platform do we use?

We use one of the best platforms in the website design industry called WordPress. WordPress was originally known as being a blogging platform, over the years the software has been developed and now boasts many new features that include a full-blown eCommerce platform, to using it as a beautiful portfolio website to show off your companies services.

This gives you as a customer many different advantages which include:

More than just a low cost website design company

At SO Web Designs we have a team of professionals who can specialise in certain parts of your website project. Whether this is graphic design elements for your website or logo’s for your email newsletters, we are here to help you.

SO Web Designs is more than just your standard web design agency. We have a wealth of Sales and marketing experience too, which separates us from any other UK based or International agency. With 12 Years of Sales and Marketing, we can help you achieve the best online strategy for your online website project.

SO Web Designs invest heavily in providing quality hosting that is reliable, fast and also economical for our customers.

That is why when we quote a price for you, it will show you the full breakdown of prices.