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Search Engine Optimisation That Delivers Results

There are so many things to consider when looking at increasing your Search Engine results, but you will be pleased to know we can guide you through this process. Having years of experience pushing websites up Google, we are more than confident we can help you move up the pecking order.

Some things to remember which most SEO don’t mention to you is that “We Cant Guarantee Results” this may be slightly alarming that the results can’t be guaranteed. There is a very valid reason for this, the reason being is that NO ONE knows the algorithm which Google uses to determine a website being number one. If we did, our jobs would be incredibly easy, and everyone would be at the top of Google.

There are some very fixed guidelines which Google provides which are key indicators which will determine your results within the search engine. We follow these very strictly.

If you have a website and require a boost with SEO. Please give us a call on 01276 501465 and we can show you some of our client’s results!

Think of this as an example…..

“Your website is your shop front on a busy high street, and you want everyone to see it and to come in and purchase your goods.”

By having your website at the top of Google you will increase your website traffic (visitors) massively, so think carefully about the most important keywords or phrase that will bring visitors to your website.

Look at in this way. “What would you search for to find your website”

You may come up with a list as long as your arm, but choose just one to start with. Try to think about a word that is likely to convert through into a purchase, rather than just a general term that will simply drive traffic to your site.

For example, let’s assume you are a beauty spa in central London (Clapham for example). Trying to rank a word like “Beauty Spa” is too general and has around 360 million sites all competing for the top slots. Don’t get me wrong, it can be done, but comes at a massive cost!

Whereas the keyword “beauty spa Clapham” is much more likely to lead to a sale and has “only” 560,000 people competing for it, so it is easier to rank.

If you want a Top 10 Search Engine Ranking you are going to have to work with one word or phrase at a time. It is often wise to start off with less competitive words and then as your sales build, go for the more competitive words. Put very simply, you should manage your search engine optimisation campaign in a manner that quickly becomes self-funding – we can teach you techniques for converting visitors through to sales too.

If you search for your word in Google and are not already in the top ten, you are simply not on the web!

Google currently dominates the bulk of search engine traffic and chances are that if you rank highly in Google, you will also have a Top Ten Search Ranking in other smaller search engines too.

We do not guarantee our SEO services, the reason being is that no company on the internet can guarantee they can get you to number 1 with a keyword or phrase, as the only tool that can ultimately decide your ranking is Google!.

You can of course pay for Google Advertising, but having organic listings (non paid placement) is far more beneficial.

We would advise any customer who is looking at increasing their Search Engine Optimisation and placement within Google to pick up the phone and give SO Web Designs a call. It’s sometimes easier explaining the process of SEO over the telephone! It’s far more complex than just adding a few keywords.

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If you are have website and require a boost with SEO. Please give us a call on 01276 501465 and we can show you some of our clients results!

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