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How to Choose a Web Host

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How To Choose The Right Website Host

You now have a beautiful looking website, the next process is to get the website online so everyone can see it! Well, let’s just advise you to stop there.

Look at it in this example, why would you go out and buy a brand new BMW car, then put cheap petrol into it? OK yes the car would run with the cheap petrol, but do you think it will perform at its best? Probably not. The same applies to a website. You have had built a beautiful website, but when customers come to visit the website, it either doesn’t open or runs incredibly slow.

Answer this question…. If you went on a website to purchase something, and it took 20-30 seconds to open the homepage, would you have confidence that you were dealing with a professional company? I would say probably not. If the same website loaded within a few seconds and allowed you to zip around browsing its pages of products without any delays I’m sure this would encourage you to purchase from them?

5 Things to remember when choosing a host:

  • Speed – You want your website to load as quickly as possible, make sure your website host is using the latest technology available.
  • Bandwidth allowance – The more website traffic you have going to your website, will eat up your bandwidth. A website with 1GB of bandwidth can handle thousands of visitors, but if your offering downloads, video playback or MP3 listening, this bandwidth can be eaten up very quickly.
  • Control Panel – This is where you can setup your website and make specialist tweaks. We always recommend using Cpanel.
  • Location – If you have a UK website, what is the point of getting a hosting package that is located in the USA? Ultimately what is happening is your visitor is zipping across the pond and back again just to view your pages. Give you customers a better experience by signing up to some hosting in the same country as the website is located in! We guarantee your customers will be happier!