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Copied Copy Wont Help Your Website

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Why Copied Website Text Won't Help Your Website

Much online business’s overlook how important website copy is especially when they are looking at increasing rankings within Google. The copy is your shop window in which you are explaining to a customer about a product or service. If they don’t understand what you have on offer, are they likely to purchase from you? Probably not.

Google cares about giving its customers who use its search engine, quick, informative, relevant and interesting results when they search for something. This is where unique website copy comes into its own.

For example, if you Google “how to install windows 7 on my pc” and all of the results on the first page of Google delivered exactly the same content, the same images, same bullet points and FAQ’s, would you be a little frustrated?

By having unique website copy, you are demonstrating to Google that you are a specialist in that field, whether you are selling a product or service, or may have written an article about a specific subject. One thing to remember is that Google will only show the same page of content once in their main search results.

Having copied content can also lead to many other drastic position changes within Google, to the point where it will drop your beautiful website down the rankings, but more importantly, you are opening yourself up to having your website removed from all of the search results.

At SO Web Designs we always recommend either writing your own website copy, or alternatively speaking to our Copywriter who can help deliver, professional, compelling copy!