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Having an online shop that is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year is one of the most sought after services by entrepreneurs.

People with either an existing physical shop or those who want to start in business see an online shop as giving them greater exposure and greater profits!

SO Web Designs have created many online shops and can guide you through this area confidently. This shop is designed for businesses that have physical products to sell but it can be easily adapted to suit products that are downloaded rather than delivered.

Some of the features we provide in our ecommerce shop are:


  • Add as many Products and Categories as you want
  • Unlimited Category/Subcategories
  • Sort your Categories the way you like
  • Sell downloadable Products like MP3s, Templates, Videos or Software
  • Add a Thumbnail and a full size Image to every Product via your Browser
  • Add Attributes like Size or Color to your Products to offer product variations
  • Use Product Discounts (percentage/total, time limited or not)
  • Show Details & images for every Item
  • CSV Upload, (CSV Import & Export)
  • Manage the Stock Level for Products and Items
  • Automatically Notify Shoppers when a Product is back in Stock
  • Feature specific products by setting them “on special”

Easy Configuration / Customisation:

  • Manage your shop with little html knowledge
  • Global Price/Currency Display Formatting
  • Extend the Shop with other Modules and Functions
  • Manage different Currencies, Countries

Features for Customers:

  • Easily search for products through a search form
  • Shoppers can manage their user accounts
  • Shopper can view all their orders (and order details)
  • Order Confirmation mail

If you are looking at having an online shop built, please feel free to complete our online quotation form.

Take a look at one of our client’s online shop at www.pallatrax.co.uk and if you have any questions just ask.